Monday, 24 February 2014

The Rules of the CoffeeTimeChallenge

1. The objective of the CoffeeTime challenge is to visit every outlet of CoffeeTime.
2. One must always visit CoffeeTime in the company of a friend.
3. Each visit to CoffeeTime must involve someone who has not yet accompanied the Challenger to a CoffeeTime.
4. Each visit to a CoffeeTime requires a stay of at least five minutes within the location.
5. Each visitor on a CoffeeTime challenge must make a purchase.
6. In the course of the challenge, one must consume an item from every category of CoffeeTime product (e.g. bakery, Coolioz).
7. Although the challenge shall not be considered complete until a challenger has visited all franchises, in the interim, contestants shall be ranked in the following way: each visit meeting the criteria shall be accorded one point per contestant; locations outside of the city of Toronto shall count for two points, excepting international locations which shall count for five points.  A visit to the CoffeeTime at Kandahar Airfield shall be valued at one billion (1,000,000,000) points.
8. Any decisions about CoffeeTime challenge participation or winning shall be decided jointly by Mr. David K. Rutt and Mr. Joshua M. Hurwitz.
9. Only in the event of discord between officiants shall Supreme Arbitrator B. Andrew N-Smith be given final say.

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